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Mission Priority: Restoring and Protecting Democracy

In our daily lives, we witness attacks on democracy, happening both within our states and on the national stage. Moreover, there's a concerning trend of ignoring the rule of law while selectively favoring those who uphold it. Drawing from his 20-year experience as an Army officer, Steve firmly prioritizes the nation over party lines, emphasizing the importance of upholding these

Steve wears a suit jacket and light collared shirt, he wears glasses and grin with the American Flag behind him
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fundamental values.

For our country to truly be great we must do the following:

Strengthen and enforce laws that protect the right to vote, such as the John Lewis Voting Rights Act.

We must also implement measures to ensure accessibility, eliminate barriers to registering to vote, and combat voter suppression, such as restrictive voter ID laws.

Combat gerrymandering by establishing independent redistricting commissions. (For the People Act)

Promote proportional representation to ensure fair representation of diverse voices.

Limit the influence of money in politics by implementing strict campaign finance regulations.

Increase transparency in political donations and spending. (Overturn Citizen United)

Ensure the independence of the judiciary to serve as a check on executive and legislative power.

Enforce a code of ethics in our judicial systems.

Uphold the rule of law and protect constitutional rights.

Support Mandatory Term Limits (and I commit to three terms maximum)

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