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Be Positive, Believe in Steve!

Being in the public eye often subjects individuals to unwarranted and irrelevant scrutiny.

I’ve seen people attacking my opponent on her looks or her body. Recently, I have been subjected to judgment about my physical appearance.

Criticizing someone’s appearance is beneath us.

It's important to recognize that weight is not always a direct reflection of one's health. While serving in the Army, including two tours in both Iraq and Afghanistan, I suffered physical, mental, and emotional injuries. My story is not unlike so many other Vets who have left the service and returned to civilian life. I am not a supermodel and I do not aspire to be one. I walk 6 miles daily, I work out, I lead a busy life, and I do my best to make healthy choices every day.

All that being said, I will not discuss my opponent’s physical attributes. I don’t need to, Her positions and voting record are all I need to confront.

I hope that you will respect and support me for my talents, achievements, and character rather than superficial aspects.

Let’s strive to be an inclusive and compassionate society.

Be Positive,

LTC Steve Holden

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