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Mission Priority: Healthcare

Updated: Dec 3, 2023

A pair of doctors hands holding a small ball which looks like planet Earth
Healthcare is a Human Right

Steve passionately advocates for “Medicare for All” because he believes that healthcare is a fundamental human right, not a privilege. His approach focuses on breaking down barriers that hinder people from accessing necessary medical treatment. This involves implementing policies that eliminate financial obstacles, ensuring that every individual can seek care without fear of crippling medical bills.

Steve understands the impact seeking treatment for serious medical conditions can have on a family. He has watched his father, who is battling cancer, struggle. The financial toll cancer takes on a family is profound. How can you focus on healing when you are fearful you cannot pay for treatment? To help families avoid these burdens, Steve focuses on the value of preventative care.

Steve is dedicated to promoting preventative care solutions, emphasizing the significance of early intervention to maintain a healthier population. By investing in the well-being of every American, Steve envisions a more prosperous nation where the health of its citizens is prioritized, recognizing that a healthy populace is the foundation of a thriving and resilient America.

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