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Mission Priority: Fighting for YOU!

Updated: Nov 29, 2023

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As Americans, our nation was founded on the principle that each individual has the unique and unalienable right to the pursuit of happiness. Regrettably, the reality is that not all Americans have had an equal opportunity to fully experience and enjoy this fundamental right. In various corners of our diverse society, systemic challenges persist, hindering the pursuit of happiness for you, your friends, and your neighbors.

Leaders in Washington, tasked with the responsibility to address and rectify these disparities, have, in many instances, fallen short of truly understanding and responding to the needs of the people. The disconnect between the lived experiences of everyday Americans and the decisions made at the highest levels of government is palpable. It is a disheartening truth that not all voices are being heard, and the collective pursuit of happiness is impeded by the inertia of a system that is not working equitably for everyone.

The call for change resonates with communities that have been marginalized and underserved, demanding a more responsive and inclusive approach from our leaders. The essence of the American dream lies in the promise of equal opportunity, fairness, and the pursuit of happiness for all. It is imperative that our leaders in Washington actively listen to the diverse voices of the nation, acknowledge the disparities that persist, and work tirelessly to create a society where every American can genuinely partake in the pursuit of happiness.

To be a society that lives up to this ideal we must enact:

Universal Health Care

Make Education Affordable

Protect the Environment and Invest in the Green Economy

Protect a Woman's Right to Choose

Champion Equality, Equity, LGBTQIA+ Rights

End Racism, Religious Hatred and Bigotry

Expand Broadband Access and Support Rural Communities

Keep Public Spaces Safe

Steve will listen to you, what matters to you, and what matters to your communities. Whether it is raising the minimum wage, supporting unions and workers, protecting small businesses and family farms, supporting our schools and teachers, and helping our Seniors, Steve will be on your side.

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