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Mission Priority - Our Military Members, Veterans & their Families

Updated: Nov 28, 2023

Steve wears Army fatigues in his home
Ltc. Steve Holden

Steve, an honorable Veteran who dedicated himself to serving his country, possesses a deep understanding of the challenges military life presents and the hardships faced by military members and their families. Unfortunately, not all those in Washington who claim to support our troops demonstrate this commitment through meaningful legislation.

In contrast to Steve's opponent, who has consistently voted against funding for military benefits, Steve stands committed to supporting military members and their families. He will actively work to expand Veteran's and Service Member's Care and Benefits.

Steve recognizes the moral obligation to provide benefits and resources to military veterans. This recognition not only honors their sacrifices but also promotes their overall well-being and ensures a successful transition into civilian life. Such support is not merely a gesture; it is a reflection of a nation's commitment to its veterans and a testament to the values of gratitude, compassion, and unity that should be upheld. Steve's dedication to meaningful legislation underscores his unwavering commitment to those who have served our country.

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