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Mission Priority - Infrastructure

Updated: Nov 28, 2023

Power lines along a tree line
Rural America Should Be Connected

Growing up in rural Oklahoma and spending time on his grandparent's dairy farm, Steve has seen and experienced the obstacles that rural communities face.

Rural areas play a vital role in the overall fabric of our nation, contributing significantly to its economy, agriculture, and cultural heritage.

Steve firmly believes that prioritizing rural infrastructure improvements is crucial for fostering the well-being and sustainable development of communities. Improving infrastructure ensures access to essential services such as schools, jobs, and healthcare facilities.

Well-maintained roads and transportation systems enable us to reach our jobs and schools easily, and healthcare providers can more effectively serve rural populations.

It is past time for District 21 to incorporate modern technologies into its rural communities. High-speed internet, for example, connects rural areas to the digital world, fostering innovation, education, and business growth.

Modern infrastructure enhances the overall quality of life in rural areas. Access to clean water, efficient waste management, and reliable energy sources contribute to healthier and more sustainable living conditions. This, in turn, attracts and retains residents, supporting community growth.

Investing in infrastructure is an investment in the growth and health of our district.

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