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Steve is wearing a collared shirt, standing outside in front of a waterfall and surrounded by trees.
USA Flag
Steve's campaign banner that reads "Holden Congress" with three blue stars between the text.

Having dedicated two decades to serving our nation, Lieutenant Colonel Steve Holden is ready to serve once more, this time as your Congressman, for New York's 21st District.

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A field with the American flag off to the left side

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Steve stands in front of Lake George NY, wearing a blue striped collared shirt, blue jeans and his Army ball cap


Duty, Service, Dedication

Lieutenant Colonel Steve Holden, a devoted son, brother, husband, father, friend, and Army Veteran with over 20 years of dedicated service to the nation, is prepared to embark on a new chapter. Having retired from the Army, Steve remains steadfast in his commitment to the oath he took, laying the foundation for his decision to run for public office and serve as New York’s Congressman in the 21st District.

Steve's motivation to enter Congress stems from a profound belief in service, duty to country, and a commitment to democracy. Observing ongoing attacks on democracy, science, freedom, and facts, Steve is driven to restore dignified representation in Washington, leading by example while delivering for constituents in the district.

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